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A New Award! INGIN Wins Chery Outstanding Development and Innovation Award

07 January 2023

A New Award! INGIN Wins Chery Outstanding Development and Innovation Award(图1)

On January 12, 2023, Chery Automobile's 2023 Supply Chain Ecosystem Annual Conference, themed “Chery Work Together, Create Changes to Win the Future”, was grandly held at Chery’s headquarters in Wuhu. INGIN was invited to attend the conference as one of Chery's core suppliers. The conference recognized exceptional suppliers with the "Outstanding Supplier Award".

Outstanding Development and Innovation Award

INGIN stood out among numerous participants with its outstanding development capabilities and extraordinary innovation, securing the Outstanding Development and Innovation Award. This significant honor is a great recognition of INGIN’s R&D innovation capabilities.

A New Award! INGIN Wins Chery Outstanding Development and Innovation Award(图2)

Innovation Drives Progress

As a supplier for top domestic independent brands and joint venture automakers, INGIN has always adhered to innovation-driven development. We continuously increase our investment in R&D, focusing on areas such as smart closure system, smart electric liftgates, smart control modules, digital keys, and more, contributing to the realization of automotive intelligence. In the realm of smart electric doors, INGIN boasts a top-notch R&D team in core components, including electric support struts, electric side door actuators, electric latches, smart door controllers, and auxiliary components like anti-pinch strips and foot-kick sensors, benchmarking international standards. 

In the realm of Active Spoiler, we have achieved a breakthrough in the domestic market from ground zero, securing orders for multiple models and rapidly establishing a leading position globally. INGIN’s smart door control module (ECU/DCU), powered by core electronic control algorithms, can control various vehicle systems, including electric liftgates, electric side doors, electric frunks, scissor doors, and electric spoilers. We utilize technologies such as ripple detection, ultrasonic sensors, infrared, capacitive sensing, low-power Bluetooth, and more, continually updating and iterating our products.

INGIN’s R&D team listens to customer needs, responds promptly, and leverages our innovative capabilities to exceed customer expectations.

A New Award! INGIN Wins Chery Outstanding Development and Innovation Award(图3)

Winning an award is never the end; it's just the beginning. In 2023, we will embark forward carrying the recognition and expectations of our customers. With the business motto of "Quality Assurance, Research Focus, Thorough Review, and High Efficiency," we will continue to face challenges head-on, move forward resolutely, and make a great difference!

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