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Career Development

Talent Philosophy、Talent Development、Work-Life Balance

Talent Philosophy

Learn to be grateful. Give back to society
Gratitude is INGIN’s core belief. We believe that everyone should learn to be grateful. With a heart of gratitude, our employees can better utilize their talents and contribute more to the company and society. The world will be a better place if we stay grateful and positive and give back to society.
Everyone is an Entrepreneur
Innovation and transformation are vital for enterprise growth. When employees embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, the company thrives through continuous innovation for a brighter future.
Employee Self-Realization Platform
We believe that every employee’s untapped potential. Our mission is to help them realize their self-worth and gain fulfillment at work.

Talent Development

Probationary Employees
Probationary employees at INGIN meet job guidelines and collaborate effectively.
Regular Employees
Regular employees can excel, offer valuable suggestions, enhance skills, inspire colleagues, and produce impressive results.
Outstanding Employees
Improving expertise, motivating colleagues, and taking positive actions after receiving feedback to achieve outstanding results.
Managerial Employees
They lead and manage their teams effectively, handling daily tasks and achieving outstanding results.

Work and Life

Salary and Benefits
Social insurance and housing fund, year-end bonus (performance-based), paid annual leave, supplementary medical insurance, and annual health check-up.
Lunch and dinner, commutes, business trip meals, business trip accommodation, private vehicle usage.
Cultural Development
Wedding and childbirth bonuses, birthday bonuses, awards for constructive suggestions, important holiday gifts, recognition of skilled employees and outstanding employee awards, etc.
Team Building and Employee Enhancement
Annual travel, team-building, on-the-job KPI-based training, and international business trips as needed by projects.

Company Activities