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INGIN was founded in 2017. Led by hi-tech and new tech, INGIN is an automotive component company engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of Smart Frunk System, Smart Side Door System, Smart Liftgate System, Active Spoiler System and Smart Control System. INGIN is committed to becoming a world leader in automotive smart closure with first-class integration capability.

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Smart Frunk System
INGIN Smart Frunk System embraces the future of automobiles, reimagining the front cabin beyond the conventional engine bay into a versatile storage space, providing easy access to items when the trunk is not available. It showcases INGIN’s robust R&D and industry foresight.
Smart Side Door System
The INGIN Smart Side Door System offers automatic opening and closing, seamless latching, obstacle detection, and anti-pinch features for convenient and safe passenger entry and exit with minimal noise.
Smart Liftgate System
INGIN's Smart Liftgate System, with its excellent performance, ensures a smooth experience.
Active Spoiler System
INGIN achieved important breakthroughs in China with its Active Spoiler. Dynamic and fashionable, its Active Spoiler also provides impressive downforce to enhance balance. It increases speed and mileage while improving energy efficiency in electric vehicles.
Smart Control System
In Smart Control, INGIN excels with core algorithms. Our integrated platform combines liftgates, side doors, frunk covers, and spoilers, offering a one-stop solution.

Smart Frunk System

Smart Side Door System

Smart Liftgate System

Active Spoiler System

Smart Control System

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