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Innovation & Strength: INGIN Wins Outstanding Development Award from DPCA in 2022!

14 February 2023

Innovation & Strength: INGIN Wins Outstanding Development Award from DPCA in 2022!(图1)

On February 11th, at the DPCA 2023 Supplier Conference themed "Renew: Create Future" held in Wuhan, INGIN was honored with the prestigious 2022 Outstanding Development Award for its exceptional R&D innovation.

This award not only recognizes INGIN’s years of continuous innovation by the R&D team but also acknowledges the global application of INGIN products. It will further elevate INGIN’s product globalization strategy.

Innovation & Strength: INGIN Wins Outstanding Development Award from DPCA in 2022!(图2)

Innovation & Strength

As a supplier for top domestic independent brands and joint venture automakers, INGIN has always adhered to innovation-driven development. We continuously increase our investment in R&D, focusing on areas such as smart closure system, smart electric liftgates, smart control modules, digital keys, and more, contributing to the realization of automotive intelligence. Shortly before receiving the Outstanding Development Award from DPCA, INGIN was awarded the Outstanding Development and Innovation Award by Chery Automobile. This recognition underscores INGIN's R&D innovation capabilities, earning unanimous acclaim from the industry.

For more details, see: Outstanding Development and Innovation Award - Chery Automobile

INGIN boasts top-notch R&D teams and profound technical expertise in the fields of smart electric doors and active electric boilers. INGIN’s smart door control module (ECU/DCU), powered by core electronic control algorithms, can control various vehicle systems, including electric liftgates, electric side doors, electric frunks, scissor doors, and electric spoilers. We utilize technologies such as ripple detection, ultrasonic sensors, infrared, capacitive sensing, low-power Bluetooth, and more, continually updating and iterating our products.

A New Starting Point, A New Journey! With the recognition and expectations of our customers, INGIN will comprehensively enhance product development, quality, cost, and delivery. We are committed to boosting the development of the Chinese automotive industry and steadily advancing towards the global market.

DPCA is a passenger car manufacturing enterprise jointly built by Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Stellantis Group.

INGIN not only serves as a provider of automotive smart closure solutions for Dongfeng Motor Corporation but is also a global partner of Stellantis Group. In recent years, INGIN has accelerated its global expansion, charting a unique international development path with practical moves. This marks a significant upgrade in INGIN’s global product strategy, further solidifying our commitment to providing better services to customers in the global automotive smart closure sector.

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